Hi! I'm DevIcarus, amateur website developer.


Good news

3. 12. 2017

Sup guys! I'm working on a new better website! Also did few minor fixes.

References added

9. 10. 2017

Hi guys! I've created a new logo as you can see and added a "References and Skills" section where you can see my references and experiences. :)

Lot of work

16. 9. 2017

Sup guys! I'm just working on some orders so I haven't time for imporving this website, but I'm planning "references" section, releasing some templates and adding one fantascic function on this website.

New Website

18. 8. 2017

Hi guys, this is my new website! There is a new e-shop with my templates and more, check it out! Also there is a 20% off discount code 'NEWEBSITE' [expired offer], enjoy!


I have a store with templates and other stuff like that here!

Very cheap

Instant delivery

Secured transaction through 3rd party service


Or you can contact me! I'll create personalized website just for you!

Low prices


Friendly ^_^